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Mary Magdalene - Gateway to the Larger Picture

When most people hear the word ‘Magdalene’  they naturally assume the reference is about the Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene is a profound spiritual being, teacher, mentor and carrier of the codes of the feminine Christ light as well as being the embodied (in a triune aspect) twin flame of Yeshua (Jesus). Reputed to have been Yeshua’s wife and one of his favored female apostles she is a very controversial figure.

However most people’s concept of Magdalene is through a very narrow lens usually solely attributed to the individual, Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene has been vilified by the church as a prostitute and sinner. They made sure that her true history and influence was thwarted and defiled. This was not only an effort to suppress Mary Magdalene’s influence but the influence, guidance and power of the larger Magdalene Order which has been an overseeing and guiding divine feminine based force of love, unity and harmony with the earth through the planet’s existence. This order was a threat to the emerging authority, power and greed of the unbalanced masculine aspect whose intent was to subjugate and dominate not only the peoples of the planet but the resources, land and as many aspects of the planet as possible.

Mary Magdalene is a very important and pivotal figure in the resurgence of the Magdalene Order upon this plane. Her true story is emerging now in our time as a catalyst and gateway for our own remembering and reclaiming of ancient divine feminine teachings, rituals and understandings. It is now time to awaken and remember who we are and the divine codes that we carry that have been seeded within us for this time of unfolding. Branches of and connections to this divine feminine consciousness have been known in different eras and different cultures throughout the planet by many different names such as the Daughters of Isis, the Grandmothers, the Amethystine Order and others as well as the Magdalene Order. This divine feminine consciousness is a much larger cosmic picture than just the lens of the Christ Drama 2000 years ago.  

We are now being prompted to reawaken to this understanding. This is so that we may open to and bring forth our gifts, doing our part in bringing the suppressed and distorted divine feminine back into balance so that the divine masculine can also come back into balance and divine union - or unity consciousness can come forth once again. This, then is the coming full circle of the game of separation and the wheel of karma. This is part of the shift of consciousness that is happening now to all of us as individuals and as a planet. No matter what our beliefs are we all are in an ascension process that is accelerating.

 To find out more about the Magdalene Order click here.

This greater awareness and understanding of the Magdalene Order has come about through Catherine Ann Clemett’s association with Claire Heartsong, channel of Anna and the author of Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus. Catherine Ann co-authored with Claire,  Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes and Twin Flame Union: the Ascension of St. Germain and Portia. Catherine Ann has channels messages from the the Magdalene Order in her book, Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother.

FREE Claim Your Unique Brilliance Report

Mary Magdalene is not just the name of an individual, but Magdalene is the name of an order of consciousness that is re-emerging on the planet right now. Many of you may have been members of this order for eons in other lives and other dimensions. You may be current-day members of this order and not know it. The Magdalenes anchor and hold the light, often in the deepest darkest places where no one else will go. Now, as Magdalenes it is time for us to anchor, expand and shine forth our light.  Below is a FREE report on discovering and claiming your own unique brilliance. Click the link below to access it.

Claim Your Unique Brilliance  by Catherine Ann Clemett helps you to understand and claim more fully your innate gift, that quality or characteristic you just naturally exhibit when you are most authentically being yourself. It may also help you to come into greater clarity about your divine purpose and how you can make an even greater difference on the planet in these times.

Welcome to the Magdalene Order

Message from

Catherine Ann Clemett

Magdalene Grid Activations/Tours 2016-2017

(Schedule for 2016 TBA Soon)

Are you being called to participate?

Energetic Divine Feminine Magdalene Grids are now to be re-activated in both individuals and in Mother Earth. 17 Global Grid Activation Points are being activated and awakened between 11/11/11 and 12/12/22. Individuals (both men and women) who are now awakening to the understanding they are Magdalenes are being called forth as midwives to assist the activation of these Global Grid Points.The Magdalenes are being called forth to serve as the transmitters, in a sense through their collective unified fields as acupuncture needles awakening the new grids on these global activation points. In this way we, as Magdalenes, serve as the midwives of the new consciousness that is being birthed. We also serve as the link connecting the Magdalene grid of the planet with the newly completed Christ grid surrounding the planet – thus assisting in activating the macrocosmic interlocking frequencies of the twin-flame Christ-Magdalene planetary codes so that all life on earth is awakened. Each location being activated corresponds to a particular body part.

Nine points have been activated thus far including two in France, others in Scotland, Isle of Man, Australia, Crestone, CO, Turkey, Egypt and Maui. Check back information about joining the next FREE conference call on the remaining Magdalene Grid Activations to take place in India, Chaco Canyon, NM, Brazil, Thialand, Mongolia, Iceland and South Africa.

Click here for further information on all of the Magdalene Grid Activation, locations and tours and how you can join as a participant.

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